Digital Bifocal Blended Lenses

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TGT HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. TAIWAN BRANCH (SINGAPORE) is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Digital Bifocal Blended Lenses in Taiwan. Our expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of products, in order to meet the international quality standard and they are perfect to use in various places. Our range is available in varied sizes and specifications to meet the diverse needs of the clients.
  • Digital Bifocal Blended Lenses - INVISIBLE bifocal lenses
Model: INVISIBLE bifocal lenses
Digital Bifocal Blended Lenses
  • Developed by Digital Ray-PathⓇ technology.
  • Wide distance and near visual fields, no power progression.
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction, no oblique astigmatism.
  • Comfortable vision. Distortion or swim effect free, as the eyes moves from one vision zone to another.
  • A standard front side single vision blank is used. No special blanks required.
  • Can be combined with any lens material and treatment, offering patients more choices.
  • Suitable for sunglasses and standard everyday frames.
  • Can be personalized to fit most frame shapes.
  • The diameter of the add segment is available in: 28mm and 40mm.
  • The Digital Round-Seg provides improved appearance as well as improved vision.

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Digital Bifocal Blended Lenses

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