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TGT HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. TAIWAN BRANCH (SINGAPORE) is dedicated to manufacturer, supplier and exporter the best Indoor Lenses in Taiwan. We frequently improve our products as every technology change in the fast developing industry. Following are parts of our products, we are glad to offer detailed information of more models for your reference. Contact now!
  • Computer Glasses - Office
    Office : Computer Glasses
    It has better performance for intermediate zone of vision - in 3 meters from the user's eyes. This is considered suitable for doctors, computer users, lawyers, composers, tailors, musicians and technology researchers.

    Progressive lens - a no-line multifocal that corrects near, intermediate, and, up to a point, distance vision. It has a larger intermediate zone than regular progressive lenses for more comfortable. Computer glasses reduce the risk of eye strain, blurred vision and unnatural posture that can cause neck and back pain.
  • Anti-fatigue Lenses - Anti-fatigue
    Anti-fatigue : Anti-fatigue Lenses
    1. They will support your focusing efforts throughout the day, delivering visual relief and perfectly rested eyes.
    2. It features a "boost" at the bottom of the lens in the form of a +.75 diopter increase in plus power, which allows the eye muscles to relax.
    3. Anti-fatigue lenses offer more comfort by reducing eye strain.
  • Office Lenses - LO
    LO : Office Lenses
    Instant Adaptation
    Occupational lens designs are also soft and offer a comfortable transition between working distances. Focusing points are really easy to find, reducing the adaptation time.
    Mixing soft transitions between expanded near-intermediate fields produces a highly comfortable lens with nearly instant adaptation. Office is the updated version of Office, an occupational lens with a softer design. Useful for works how need faster change from near to intermediate distance.
    Office offers Visual fields easier to find, more comfort and dynamic vision in electronic devices’ use.
    Office offers several working distance options:
    * Office 1.3 m (Allows clear vision from near to 1.3 m)
    * Office 2 m (Allows clear vision from near to 2 m)
    * Office 4 m (Allows clear vision from near to 4 m)
    * Office 6 m (Allows clear vision from near to 6 m)

    Two ways to offer your Office
    Depending on the addition and the Office working distance option selected, IOT software automatically selects the exact degression based on the far working distance and prescribed power.
    Office can also be configured in your system for different degressions allowing them to be selected manually. This way of offering the Office design is useful for those opticians who are accustomed to the direct selection of the desired degression.
  • Lenticular Lense - LAF
    LAF : Lenticular Lense
    Lenticular Anti-Fatigue
    It is possible to input the frame shape data in the IOT LDS. For calculating a frame shape lenticular lens, the system applies the lenticularization in a region around the frame edge. This eliminates the need to select an optical bowl diameter for lenticularization, providing thickness reduction adapted for every frame.
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Indoor Lenses

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We present a wide gamut of Indoor Lenses that is fabricated with premium quality material in conformation with various quality standards using advanced machinery. These lenses are best solution for projection system and provide excellent resolution. The offered watch glasses are fabricated using the finest quality glass material and are admired in the market due to their clarity and accuracy. This is considered suitable for doctors, computer users, lawyers, composers, tailors, musicians and technology researchers. Exceptionally clear indoors they have an attractive tint outdoors which gives you great style and elegance. Available at our disposal is an exclusive gamut of Indoor Lenses which is widely acclaimed by the clients, owing to its remarkable durability and efficiency. Our glasses are durable, ultra-thin, ultra light-weight & ultra strong polycarbonate lenses made in various powers. At this stage of your life, chances are you use the computer or portable electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones or video game players. If your activities revolve around these devices or you spend more than 3 hours a day working at close range, chances are you might experience some sort of visual fatigue. Except this, it provides best anti reflection, scratch resistance and durability to the wearer.
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