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As a professional Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter with a factory in Taiwan, our main products include all kinds of Lens Treatment products. We constantly upgrade our products as per the technological changes and requirements in the fast flourishing industry. It is our force to manufacture with the best quality and the most competitive price. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
  • Coating Lenses - Coating
    Coating : Coating Lenses
    Hard coating prevents scratch on the lens. Hard coating shows improved hardness and purity on the lens.

    Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings improve your vision through the eyeglass lenses and enhance the physical appearance of the eyeglasses. Similar to the coatings found on the front of microscopes and camera lenses AR coatings consist of several layers of metal oxides applied to the front and back of the lens surface. From the layers of metal oxide particles applied to the lens, AR coatings sometimes have a slight blue, green or purple color.

    Superhydrophobic solutions will keep lenses cleaner longer because of the added benefit of anti-fog and anti-static additives
  • Emi Coating Lens - EMI
    EMI : Emi Coating Lens
    EMI stands for Electro Magnetic Interference which is designed to reduce radation from Computer screens and other source of EMI.
  • Mirror Coating Lens - Mirror
    Mirror : Mirror Coating Lens
    Mirror-coated lenses. Mirror-coated lenses help block visible light. A silver mirrored coating is available for prescription lenses. Just the opposite of a crystal clear anti-reflective coated lens, mirror coatings in addition to flash mirror coatings are highly reflective bold statements of color.

    Mirror coatings are strictly cosmetic and the wearer sees no difference in vision no matter what the coating colors are therefore looking at the lens from the outside in is the only way to tell the actual color of the mirror coating. Highly reflective reflex mirror coatings prevent the eyes of the wearer from being seen by others. Mirror coatings are usually applied to dark sunglass lenses although light flash mirrors are becoming more popular as a fashion mirror coating.
  • Lenses Tinting - Tints
    Tints : Lenses Tinting
    Various lens treatments and tints are added after the lenses are shaped but before they are inserted in frames. The coatings are added by dipping the lenses into heated metal bins filled with the treatment or tint. The treatments and tints available include various sunglass tints and colors, ultraviolet light tints, durability and impact-resistant treatments, and scratch-resistant treatments. Among the latest advances in tints is the light-sensitive tint, which combines the advantages of regular clear lenses with the protection of sunglasses. These lenses adjust to the amount of sunlight being radiated, thus providing sun protection when needed.
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Lens Treatment

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Under the proficient guidance and knowledge of our trained professionals, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a broad assortment of Lens Treatment. For fashion, comfort and clarity anti-reflective treatments are the way to go. We offer our clients a top-of-the-line assortment of photochromic and color lenses. Performance features of these lenses include advanced variable-tint technology allowing rapid darkening on going outside and rapid returning on coming in. Under strict, scientific and systematic quality management, go through strict testing processes, these make the product quality up to international class. Under able guidance of our trained professional, we are involved in manufacturing Lens Treatment at a wide range. That finds applications in eye care treatment especially for those who suffer from eye damages. The raw material we use is procured from some of the most renowned and reliable vendors and is stringently tested for quality before being used in the production process. They make the lens nearly invisible, and cut glare from headlights, computer screens and harsh lighting. The lenses are effective in changing from light to dark on the basis of the amount of ultraviolet light these are exposed to. In addition, these are well-known for perfect designs, finest quality and vibrant appearance.
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