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We are a fully integrated Taiwan manufacturer and exporter, supplier Office Lenses. We have high qualified and dedicated workforce which assures you of on-time delivery of high quality products. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
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Office Lenses
Instant Adaptation
Occupational lens designs are also soft and offer a comfortable transition between working distances. Focusing points are really easy to find, reducing the adaptation time.
Mixing soft transitions between expanded near-intermediate fields produces a highly comfortable lens with nearly instant adaptation. Office is the updated version of Office, an occupational lens with a softer design. Useful for works how need faster change from near to intermediate distance.
Office offers Visual fields easier to find, more comfort and dynamic vision in electronic devices’ use.
Office offers several working distance options:
* Office 1.3 m (Allows clear vision from near to 1.3 m)
* Office 2 m (Allows clear vision from near to 2 m)
* Office 4 m (Allows clear vision from near to 4 m)
* Office 6 m (Allows clear vision from near to 6 m)

Two ways to offer your Office
Depending on the addition and the Office working distance option selected, IOT software automatically selects the exact degression based on the far working distance and prescribed power.
Office can also be configured in your system for different degressions allowing them to be selected manually. This way of offering the Office design is useful for those opticians who are accustomed to the direct selection of the desired degression.
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Office Lenses

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