Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses

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On ODM,our design team can help customer's idea come into manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses, We consist of both local and overseas talents who follow closely on the heels of changes in different market trends. We have profession and technology production manager under checking and skillful staff to manager them.
  • Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses - Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses
Model: Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses
Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses
Coating schedule (RX)
Monday- Silver and Purple
Tuesday- Red
Wednesday- Blue
Thursday- Orange and Silver
Friday- Green and Pink

Built for adventure, Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses are perfect for people who demand sunglasses to be more than a simple fashion accessory.

Innovative Mirror Sunglasses are different from other sunglasses in the world. Great mirror coatings provide 100% UV protection. Mirror Sunglasses excellent wear-ability, maximum comfort and satisfy the most demanding sun-glass wearer.
Mirror Sunglasses improve the visual performance, enriching the world, and producing an outstanding visual for athletes and outdoor adventurists.

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Our aim is to help customers realize their goals. The

Colorful Mirror Coating Lenses

products come in bright color combinations that make them an eye catching look. We are making great efforts to achieve this win-win situation and sincerely welcome you to join us!
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